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Christian Drees

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Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues

Everywhere people live together in a relatively confined areas, conflicts are sometimes unavoidable. No matter whether it concerns family quarrels and conflicts or disputes with friends, neighbours or colleagues:  mediation – i. e. the constructive conflict resolutions with a neutral third person – provides you with a way of keeping in dialogue with family members, friends, neighbours or colleagues or just to begin a dialogue again. I gladly support you in finding the suitable, acceptable and forward-looking solution. This is possible thanks to my profound education in accordance with the standards of the Federal Mediation Association (BM) and my know-how about conflicts and their solution.

My specialty

As a trained mediator according to the standards of the Federal Mediation Association (BM) I´m specialized in:

  • family mediation
    I have several years of experience in working with families in crisis situations and I’m in charge of varied types of mediation

  • intercultural mediation
    Regardless of whether it is dealing with customs, languages, habits, traditions, the sense of time or the sense of honour: members of different ethnic groups or cultures show a different conflict behavior. It's something I experienced during my studies in Ghana and Australia. Furthermore I’m living in an intercultural relationship myself. You will also find many useful information under:

You would like to know more about the general conditions and about the mediation procedure? I would like to offer you a brief overview of that here:

General condition

  • At the beginning we have a detailed telephone conversation in which you will describe your concerns and where we can clarify open questions.
  • Important conditions for our cooperation:
    • voluntary participation
    • intention to remain the relationship level
  • extend
    • several meetings at approx. 90 minutes
    • the number of meetings may vary depending on the escalation level and on the points that are to be resolved. (My experience shows that the average number of 3 – 8 meetings are very rarely exceeded.)
  • the mediator is legally bound to discretion
  • It is also possible to make agreements at home or at work.