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Christian Drees

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Do you value a constructive working climate, a long-term employee retention and – furthermore – do you want to support your employees to grow within your company? Of course I do also offer organisations, institutes and companies the possibilities to benefit from my offerings as a coach, mediator and trainer.

Conflict management

One thing is absolutely clear: Wherever people work together and get in contact with each other, different personalities, opinions, view, interests and experiences are represented. For that it is quiete normal that tension and misunderstanding arise from the differences between individual people. Here conflicts are often seen as a threat or a danger.  As working without conflicts is unthinkable, it is helpful to look at conflicts from a different point of view: as an opportunity for development and growth. Therefore coaching, training and mediation can be very helpful tools. I will support you to clarify conflicts, to learn new approaches and to develop the appropriate solution.

Family-friendly company strategy

I am convinced that family friendliness deserves a place in any good corporate management system. If a company wants to stay competitive with good employees, it always will have to keep the family situation of their emloyees in mind – if possible in the long term. Family-friendly companies, organisations and institutions obviously benefit from a strong motivation of its employees. If they feel comfortable and well understood here, the employer can benefit from the fact that employee absence from work is reduced and motivation is increased.
Therefore use the possibility to integrate, for instance, parent trainings for employees and coachings in your company. You will see that you can only benefit from it in the long run.